Where do I check in?

We have an outdoor desk to the main building beside the boat ramp where we do all of our transactions. There are signs on the driveway directing you to this outdoor office.

   How do I contact the staff on arrival?

We have a doorbell on the information board beside the desk. Please ring it to get the staff’s attention. We will come outside to help you. If you don’t hear the doorbell neither have we.

   What is your Cancellation Policy?

We require MORE than 7 days notice to cancel a campsite booking. Should you cancel within 7 full days you will be charged 50% of the entire booking. We do not provide refunds should you cancel within 72 hrs of Noon on your arrival date. There are No Refunds for early departures, no shows or for reservations which include holiday weekends. There is a $8/camper administration fee for all cancellations.


   Do you rent boats?

No. We no longer rent boats.

   Can I bring my kayak?

Yes! The Gulf Islands are a fantastic place to kayak.
MIC is located in Miners Bay off of Active Pass which has very strong currents and lots of ferry traffic. We suggest that if you are not an experienced kayaker that you hug the shore as you paddle and do not attempt to cross to Galiano. Many people choose to go to one of the other bays on Mayne for an easier and safer paddle.

   Do you have boat facilities?

We have a boat ramp for launching larger boats and a buoy that you can reserve for $15/day.

   Is Mayne a good place to cycle?

Yes! We do not have any bike specific trails but the roads here are beautiful often with either ocean or forest views and there is very little car traffic.


   How far is it to the grocery store and other services?

The town center is 1km from our campground.

   What types of services are there on Mayne Island?

We have a full grocery store, liquor store, gas station, bakery, artisan shops, and restaurants.

   Are there any restaurants close by?

The closest restaurant to the campground is the local pub, The Springwater. Bennett Bay Bistro is 4.5km from the campground.


   How can I get around Mayne Island?

We have a community bus that is financed through riders' donations. Also, car stops are located all around Mayne Island.

   What are Car Stops?

Car stops are a legal form of hitchhiking. Stand at a car stop and put your thumb out and often a friendly local will pick you up.

   Where are Car Stops?

There is a car stop at the ferry terminal and across from the grocery store. If you want to go further afield you will find them scattered throughout the rest of the island.


   How many people can stay in the cottage?

Six. The cottage rates are based on 4-person occupancy. For an additional fee, up to two extra guests can stay in the cottage.
For larger groups we can sometimes prepare the adjoining bunkhouse that sleeps up to 14 people. Please inquire.

   Why do I need to be careful about what goes in the sinks and toilets?

We are on a septic system which can only process human waste and small amounts of toilet paper that will break down easily. Any other waste entering the system can clog it and may result in thousands of dollars of damage.

   Is the water safe to drink?

The water is not tested by the government and is therefore not considered potable.
We have a UV and chlorination system and staff on site test it regularly.

   Can I bring my dog?

For an additional $50 fee, we welcome well-trained, friendly dogs. The dogs are required to be supervised at all times and cleaned up after. Wet and/or dirty dogs must be made clean and dry before entering the cottage. We do not allow dogs on cottage furniture. There is an additional fee should there be any damage or soiling left in the cottage.
Dogs who misbehave or create any difficulties for others on the property may be asked to leave.

   What is the cottage Cancellation Policy?

We require 45 days notice for any cancellations. Your initial deposit will be refunded only if we are able to rebook. 20% of the booking will be charged as a fee for all cancellations.


   How far is it from the parking area to the campsites?

The furthest campsite from the parking area is a 4-minute walk.

   Is the water safe to drink?

The water is not tested by the government and is therefore not considered potable.
We have a UV and chlorination system and staff on site test it regularly.

   What if it rains?

Always prepare for rain. In case of rain we have a communal undercover picnic area for the use of all campers.

   Do you have a fire pit?

Yes. We have a communal fire pit that may be used when the fire ban is not in effect.

   Can I have a fire in my campsite?

No. We do not allow fires in campsites.
During the Spring and Fall when there is no fire ban campfires are allowed at the communal fire pit.

   Do you have shower facilities?

Yes. We have an outdoor shower with hot water. It is very popular as it is raised and set in the trees with an opening to look out on the ocean. Please be aware of water usage and keep showers to 5 minutes or less. Many campers prefer to shower in bathing suits as the view works both ways!

   Why don't you take garbage?

Mayne Island does not have garbage disposal. We prefer you carry your own garbage off site however if it is more convenient there is a community member who will take garbage to Victoria for $5 a bag. We are happy to take your garbage and fee to him.

   Do you take recycling?

Yes. We are very happy to take care of your recycling for you. Please place CLEAN and CRUSHED recycling in the appropriate containers. Please do not place garbage in these receptacles.

   Group rentals?

We love having groups stay. We have many kayak clubs, bike groups, and social clubs stay with us. We have a large group site that we can offer at a reduced group rate. Please inquire.

   Exclusive rentals?

We are happy to discuss an exclusive rental with you for camping. At present, we do not allow weddings on the property.

   Can I car camp or bring my RV?

We cater exclusively to tenters. All of our campsites are walk-in only. This means that you cannot bring a vehicle into your campsite.

   Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We love dogs. If you have a friendly well behaved dog, he/she is very welcome as long as he/she is supervised at all times and cleaned up after.
We do require to be notified if you wish to bring your dog and reserve the right to refuse. Dogs who misbehave or create any difficulties for other campers may be asked to leave.


   What type of wildlife do I need to be aware of?

There are no bears, cougars, or coyotes on Mayne Island.
We have deer and raccoons.
It is wise to keep food in sealed containers or in tents to keep it from thieving raccoons.

   What wildlife might I see?

You will often see deer, goats, seals, mink, otters, and sea lions. Eagles, herons, kingfishers, and osprey are all commonly seen in our bay and on our property. Active Pass which is seen from the campground is internationally designated as an “Important Bird Area”. You may also see orcas or porpoises offshore.

   Why do we want you to be careful with water usage?

Water is scarce on Mayne Island. There are no lakes or rivers on Mayne island. In the summer we depend entirely on an aquifer under our property. If this aquifer is emptied the salt water will contaminate it and destroy our access to water permanently.

   Is there an activity area?

We have a communal field on the campground for any type of games or activities you might want to play.

   What is the beach like?

We have 1800 ft. of healthy beautiful easily accessible shoreline which is teeming with life. It is a combination of sandstone and sand beach. We recommend appropriate footwear when exploring the beach as the rocks can become very slippery and the barnacles are numerous. There are often seals and otters in the water or on the beach, plenty of birds and lots of ocean life in the tidal pools.