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A Face Lift for the Cottage

Jan 042014


Lois and Rachael have worked hard this fall to update the cottage and although there are a few bits and pieces to finish up I’d would like to share their work with you all as some of you will be booking your Summer vacation this month.

As you can see from the pictures (more here) there have been a few furniture changes, new curtains and blinds, all new linens and some change in decor. We have put new handles on the Kitchen cabinets and lined all the cupboards. There are some new kitchen supplies and equipment. In the Bathroom we painted the walls yellow and changed the light fixtures and mirror and installed a new cabinet. The Bedrooms both have new lighting, new bedside tables, new linens, and new decor. In the Living Room we have brought in a new couch and easy chair and rearranged the furniture.

What else do you ask? Well, we have plans for a flat screen TV, new paint in the kitchen, and a small bookshelf with books and games for your enjoyment.



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