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Frost on Mayne Island

Jan 022014


We woke up this morning to frost covering every inch our little paradise and adding a magical shimmer to the world. With the fire roaring in the stove and a cup of tea in my hands there is no place I would rather start the New Year.

We thought we would share with you Mayne Island Regulars and those who are just discovering it what goes on here throughout the year. Although camping is closed for the winter, the cottage is still open and is a lovely little winter retreat. The fire keeps the cottage toasty warm and its not too cold this year to brave a little row around the bay or a walk along the coast, especially if there is a cup of hot cocoa waiting for you back inside.

There is so much more wildlife here in the winter. There are always at least 8 seals hanging out in the bay and sometimes up to 30! They will pup on our point in the spring. Right now there are 4 Cormorants drying their wings on the dock and a heron surveying the water from the buoy. Can life get any better?

Happy New Year!


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