Mayne Island Camping & Seal Beach Cottage Blog

Camp Dogs

Jul 192014


I'd like to introduce to you our resident dogs, Luna and Pilot. They are both about 2 yrs old. Luna is a Border Collie mixed with some northern breed - DNA results have yet to be returned and Pilot is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

In the winter they live in the city - Luna in a single family home with a back yard, and poor Pilot is confined to an apartment in Vancouver. So they love nothing more than coming to Mayne Island where they can roam our 23 acres together as long as they like. But mostly they enjoy visiting campers, chasing sticks, wrestling with each other, and enforcing the camp rules (Luna has returned a couple of times with non-eco friendly soap which she has confiscated from some poor camper).

If you like a snuggle in the morning, leave your tent flap open and you may find yourself sharing your pillow with Luna (it's happened). Be careful of the pups following you to the outhouse if you are the only one onsite - they may wriggle under the door so as not to be alone!

They may run at you and bark when you arrive, but as soon as they get close they will wriggle around wanted to be loved.

New Photos

May 212014


We hope you have had a chance to view the new photos on our website. Toby Snelgrove, a local Mayne Island professional photographer, came on a beautiful Spring day last week and took some wonderful photos of the campground and redecorated cottage.


Apr 192014


We had our first campers of the season arrive last Sunday and they enjoyed 16 degree weather and the tranquility of this beautiful spot all to themselves. The spring brings so much new life to our little island. Our campers discovered a lady slipper on the point and I have been seeing many Black Morel Mushrooms along the paths. But I am mostly excited for the seal pups to arrive. We look for them any day now.

We look forward to all the guests this season will bring.

A Face Lift for the Cottage

Jan 042014


Lois and Rachael have worked hard this fall to update the cottage and although there are a few bits and pieces to finish up I’d would like to share their work with you all as some of you will be booking your Summer vacation this month.

Frost on Mayne Island

Jan 022014


We woke up this morning to frost covering every inch our little paradise and adding a magical shimmer to the world. With the fire roaring in the stove and a cup of tea in my hands there is no place I would rather start the New Year.